RPR Range News

ELR is open this week, Thurs Oct 7.  It will be closed Thurs Oct 14, 21 and 28.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  

THE RANGE IS CLOSED Thurs - Sun, OCT 14 - 17th

Renew membership before your anniversary and get

13th month free.  Text 512-914-9411 to renew by


.338 now allowed on 1000 and ELR after

qualification.  Must qual on .308 and lower.  

Notify RO when shooting .338.

Republic 3 Gun Club Match Oct 9.  1000 Range

closed during Match.

Updated hours: 

Check calendar for events and closures.  Updated weekly.   

Monday - Wednesday:      Closed

  • Thursday                           8am- 1pm
                                              (must check in between 8 - 11am)
                                              ELR open until noon, check in by 10.

  • Friday and Saturday:         8am - 5pm Check In by 3pm

  • Sunday:                             9am - 3pm Check in by 1pm

Long Range News:
The Extra Long Range (ELR) is open only on Thursdays from 8am - Noon.  ELR has berms at 650, 976,

1100 and 1705 yards. 

The 1000 Range (730/1000) is located in the primary range complex.  May close occasionally during events.  

ALL shooters must qualify for the ELR and 1000 Range.  Please contact us if you are interested in getting qualified.  info@rprrange.com 

ATX Precision:

Clayton Hergert and his team of instructors offer precision rifle, carbine and pistol classes and private lessons along with  PR Competitions.  Hosts the annual RPR Open PRS Bolt Series Competition.

Republic 3 Gun:

Monthly 3Gun Club Matches.  Great for beginners to the sport!

Reveille Peak Ranch:

While we have the 400 acre side with the Range, we have 900 acres of biking, hiking and running trails. Camping and day use parking is in a 20 acre area around a man-made lake and a large pavilion.  

Basic Handgun & License to Carry Classes formed monthly.  

AGAG2018 (6).JPG
RPR Range offers a broad spectrum of shooting options to accommodate and challenge every shooter’s level of experience and proficiency.


  • For pistols and carbines, we have several 100-yard range bays featuring berms at the 50 and 100 yard lines that allow shooters to safely and rapidly engage targets at multiple ranges.

  • Our bays can also be configured to accommodate tactical shooting that incorporates transition drills, magazine reloads, and shooting combined with movement. 

  • Our long range reaches out to 600 yards and is constructed with berms and target clusters at 100-yard increments to enable shooters to engage at every yard line from a bench rest.

  • New 730/1000 Range and ELR at 1mile.

Range Fees

1. Non-Member
$30 one time safety briefing - $20/hr
2. First Responder/Veteran by the hour
$180 annual membership - $7.50/hr
$280 annual membership - $7.50/hr per shooter
3. First Responder/Veteran all you can shoot
$500 annual membership - $0/hr
$750 annual membership - $0/hr
4. Civilian by the hour
$180 annual membership - $10/hr
$280 annual membership - $10/hr per shooter
5. Civilian all you can shoot
$600 annual membership - $0/hr
$900 annual membership - $0/hr
6. Active Mil/LE by the hour
$180 annual membership - $5/hr
$280 annual membership - $5/hr per shooter
7. Active Mil/LE all you can shoot
$400 annual membership - $0/hr
$600 annual membership - $0/hr

* Safety Training Class is specific to RPR Range and is mandatory

Try before you buy!

For a limited time, RPR Range is offering a "Try Before You Buy" opportunity.  

Pay $50 and get an "all-you-can-eat" shooting experience for the weekend.  This is a one time deal and only applies to the weekend that you sign up for.  After using your one time "Try Before you Buy", you must either buy a membership or continue under the Non-Member fee program structure.


Hours of Operation

Thursday 8-1

Friday 8-5

Saturday 8-5

Sunday 9-3

(Must arrive by 1:45)

ELR Range

Thursday 8-Noon!

Text 512-914-9411 or 512-755-1177 if you want to shoot at a different time and we will try to accommodate.

1610 County Road 115

Burnet, Texas


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